BBC Politics Live Luke (2)

"New research on what people in the UK think of democracy"

11 October 2021


"It's disapointing to hear that people think that politicians look down on them. We are all the servants of our constituents." Andrew Mitchell MP.

"This is one of the reasons that I chose to put myself forward to enter politics because I think there's so much that needs to be done around engaging people with politics nationally and locally" Kim Leadbeater, MP. 

BBC Politics Live with Jo Coburn

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"Voters trust neither Boris Johnson nor Keir Starmer to deliver on promises"

11 October 2021

The Times

"Despite their commitment to democratic principles, people feel frustrated by a democratic system that isn’t delivering for them, and let down by a politics that falls short of their expectations."

Voters trust neither Boris Johnson nor Keir Starmer to deliver on their promises

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"When politicians break the rules there need to be consequences"

11 October 2021

Sky News

"There's a disconnect between people's belief in democracy in principle and how they see politics played out in practice...when polititians break the rules there need to be consequences, just like there are for the rest of us"

All Out Politics with Adam Boulton


Don't Mention the Culture Wars

28 July 2021

The Telegraph

"The biggest problem is not the divide, which does not functionally exist, but the way in which people feel shut out of the debate, for their inability – their lack of desire – to scream at each other on social media...The wise (responsible) politician will dig in with truth and those unbearable and unfashionable things: nuance and compassion. It’s where the country is. So where are they?"

Don't Mention the Culture Wars


Cultural Change - Dousing the Flames

27 July 2021

Sky News

When it comes to cultural tensions do you think politicians resolve issues or seek to enflame them?

"Both politicians and campaigners are turning what should be discussions about these sensitive issues...into rows"

Sky News Breakfast with Niall Paterson

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"British people strive for nuance and balance"

27 July 2021

GB News

"Briton's are very likely to say that free speech needs to be protected, people are too easily offended nowadays, but they also think that when it comes to hate speech we should be taking action".

Luke Try on GB News discussing new report Dousing the Flames