Consultancy services

More in Common UK provides bespoke strategy and communications consultancy to a range of clients and partners across the UK.  

As public opinion specialists, we use our unique segmentation lens and quantitative and qualitative research to understand what the public think on the big challenges facing British society today – and crucially why they think it.

We specialise in helping organisations navigate complex and polarising moments of change, better achieve their mission and strengthen social cohesion as well.  

We use our insights to help governments, businesses, campaigners and charities develop better strategies and communications – particularly in reaching disengaged communities far from Westminster/London bubble and navigating tricky and divisive issues. By bridging these disconnects, we help leaders and decision makers better meet the public’s expectations.  

Our unique lens to understand Britain today

Our segmentation focuses on people’s values, beliefs and world views (rather than their demographics) to understand the public and build segments – and is more predictive than traditional demographic analysis.  

How the segments can help organisations understand Britons today​?  

Helps our partners and clients craft better strategy – by understanding key social and political swing groups and their values, how to find them and engage ordinary people in these groups more effectively. ​ 

Helps show the gap between highly-engaged activists, campaigners, business leaders and the rest of the public – the insights from the segments help leaders develop more effective comms and strategies that resonate with the values and experiences of key audiences, rather than the highly-engaged groups who dominate debates. ​ 

Helps amplify the voices of ordinary people - More in Common conducts regular focus groups with participants from our British Seven segments for a range of clients and stakeholders in the media, politics, civil society, national institutions and business.​ Running hundreds of focus groups across the year allows us to identify emerging trends, opportunities and risks. Our focus group insights have helped public sector leaders better navigate tricky issues, and campaigners seize opportunities at big moments like COP26. We’ve provided rapid response qualitative research to leaders navigating crises and challenging communications environments.  ​ 

Help organisations and employers avoid culture war traps – both externally in CSR work and internally through DEI initiatives. Using our insights on how the segments of the British public interpret and react to cultural touch points, we help organisations navigate what is often fraught and tricky terrain – ensuring well-intentioned efforts do not inadvertently alienate or inflame sections of the public. Helping firms understand how different initiatives will land, providing crisis communication advice when firms find themselves in culture war storms, as well as offering training and support on how diversity of thought can work alongside traditional DEI efforts. ​​

Our clients and partners

Over the past year, we’ve worked with a range of clients and partners:  

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Our research services

We conduct nationally representative polling, focus groups and in-depth interviews, through the lens of the British Seven segments, to better understand audiences and identify key issues and problems of our clients.  ​

Nationally representative polling: More in Common is an accredited member of the British Polling Council and we regularly conduct nationally representative opinion polls in the UK. To prospective clients and partners we offer:

  • 10-day turnaround from inception to final results
  • Wraparound service, from question wording, to initial data analysis provided by our teams
  • Use of our British Seven segment lens
  • Full data tables on publication, in accordance with British Polling Council rules
  • Competitive rates

Focus Groups: More in Common has conducted hundreds of focus groups over the last few years, for a range of clients from the media, politics, civil society, national institutions and business. There are many advantages to focus groups:

  • Rapid-response qualitative research, quicker than polling
  • Adds deeper layer to, and can inform, survey design for quantitative research
  • Powerful to hear views on an issue in people's own words

We typically draw participants from a single area (e.g. specific constituency), from desired demographic groups. We find online groups work best, for ease of organisation and the most organic conversation. We also run in-person groups, particularly for media (such as BBC Newsnight or TalkTV).

Our consultancy services

Each of client-facing consultancy projects is unique and designed to meet the needs of individual clients. In addition to our research services, we offer: 

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Strategic communications advice

We shape clients’ strategic communications strategies blending our ongoing public opinion insights and message testing with our team’s broad strategic communications experience, helping clients engage beyond the usual suspects, and find the best ways to have good conversations with more sceptical audiences.    ​

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Campaign development

We work with a range of businesses charities, civil society campaigners and national institutions to build communications and broader campaigns from the ground up – offering audience insights, creative support and strategic advice on how to set up and run successful campaigns. 

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Trainings and Workshops

We deliver bespoke training programmes to senior leaders in government departments, business and across civil society to help them think more about diversity of thought within their organisations and the gaps between the senior leadership of organisations and the public.

What makes our consultancy unique?  

There are five main things that make More in Common’s consultancy services unique:    

Not only the what but also the why:Our research isn’t just about telling you what people think, but alsoexplores the drivers that explainwhypeople think it. Understanding these ‘upstream’ beliefs and values,allows us to help clients craft strategies that reach across different segments of the public.

Bespoke, tailor-made approach to every project:We approach each piece of work with a freshperspective and design bespoke projects for each of our clients and partners.  

An outside the ‘bubble’ focus:We specialise in understanding left-behind groups and communitiesoutside of the Westminster and London bubbles.

A global perspective:We apply the lessons our colleagues are learning in Germany, France, the US,Spain and Poland to our work and our clients' projects in the UK. 

Driven by purpose:The larger purpose of all of our work is building a Britain more united, more resilientand more effective in solving our big problems - and we believe there is a huge upside for organisationswho work together towards those goals​.  



If you’d like to work with us or learn more about our work, contact our UK Director, Luke Tryl on: