Cultural Change - Dousing the Flames

27 July 2021

Sky News

When it comes to cultural tensions do you think politicians resolve issues or seek to enflame them?

"Both politicians and campaigners are turning what should be discussions about these sensitive issues...into rows"

Sky News Breakfast with Niall Paterson

Luke Gb News Screengrab

"British people strive for nuance and balance"

27 July 2021

GB News

"Briton's are very likely to say that free speech needs to be protected, people are too easily offended nowadays, but they also think that when it comes to hate speech we should be taking action".

Luke Try on GB News discussing new report Dousing the Flames

London Skyline

Welcome to the Green Industrial Revolution

25 November 2020

The Telegraph

"Nearly three-quarters of the UK public (74%) believe that ‘working together to protect the environment could build a society that’s based on sharing not selfishness, community not division’. The evidence suggests that Britons, like other peoples, are weary of political division and want to get past the polarisation that has characterised the past five years. They want to grasp the opportunities of the future and the accompanying benefits of a cleaner economy."

Welcome to the Green Industrial Revolution

Reasons To Be Cheerful

"Shake it like a polarised picture"

16 November 2020

Reasons To Be Cheerful podcast

"As we rebuild the economy, build back better, post Covid, there's got to be a story that brings climate, economy, place-based development, local communities, tackling inequality. It feels like if we could bring those pieces together.. you would also be able to rebuild some of the trust in the system that has been lost in recent years."

Shake it like a polarised picture

Britains Seven Tribes Unherd

Who are the real tribes of Britain?

27 October 2020


"Drop what you’re doing and read this: it’s one of the important pieces of opinion research this year "

Who are the real tribes of Britain?

The Times Logo

Society is not as divided by Brexit and Covid as you might think

26 October 2020

The Times

" Remember that spring surge in community spirit? How we came together in adversity, helped each other out, celebrated key workers, and more or less got behind the government's strategy for dealing with the crisis?"

Society is not as divided by Brexit and Covid as you might think