About Us

Where we began

More in Common was founded in the aftermath of the tragic murder of Jo Cox MP in 2016. More in Common takes its name from Jo’s maiden speech in Parliament where she said: “We are far more united and have far more in common than that which divides us.” Our hope is that through our work, we honour Jo’s memory and legacy.
We are far more united and have far more in common than that which divides us

Jo Cox MP, Maiden Speech to Parliament

What we do

More in Common’s work in the UK is focused on our organisation being: a thought leader, a strategy and communications consultancy and an incubator.  

Thought-leader: we carry out regular and robust public opinion research through the lens of the British Seven segments, we publish regular research reports on a range of challenges facing the UK today and take part in the live political and media debate on these issues. We focus on ensuring politicians, policymakers and the media have opportunities to see how communities across the country (and outside of the Westminster bubble) think about the big issues facing the country. 

Strategy and communications consultancy: We regularly turn our insights into strategic advice and recommendations for partners and clients across the UK. We specialise in how to reach people outside of London and the South East, and particularly those in left-behind communities. In doing so, we help organisations to craft communications, campaigns and interventions, that reach and engage a much wider proportion of the British public. 

Incubator: We develop and test on-the-ground initiatives, campaigns and sometimes organisations to tackle specific challenges that advance our broader mission from climate initiatives to migration and refugee initiatives. 


The next few years  

In the coming years, our work will be focused on:  

  • Supporting decision makers in major national institutions, businesses, government and civil society to better navigate this era of change and uncertainty and better tackle the drivers of division in the work they do  
  • Convince campaigners, politicians and institutions of the benefits of big tent approaches and dissuading them from the pursuing culture wars which serve no one 
  • Producing paradigm shifting insights on the major public, political and policy challenges of the day, while amplifying the voices of ‘left behind’ segments across our work  
  • Working with businesses and workplaces across the country to help them make a positive contribution to strengthening social cohesion.  

Where we work 

More in Common has offices in four major democracies, and our country teams bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the understanding of specific national contexts. However, More in Common is also global in nature. We carry out research across countries and share insights and best practice on countering division. We know that some of the biggest challenges we face need to be addressed at local, national, and global level. 

Our UK team and London office is in Angel: 320 Angel, 320 City Road, London, EC1V 2NZ