About Us


In our work we aim for originality, innovation, and a sound evidence base. We put learning at the centre of our work. As a learning organization, we put a high value on collaboration and are committed to sharing our own insights generously with those who share our goals.

Our research teams have engaged thousands of people in the UK through surveys, interviews, focus groups, community conversations and expert interviews. We ask the British public about their experiences, values, fears and hopes. This mix of qualitative and quantitative data offers us a richer analysis of public opinion, and we freely offer our insights and understanding to politicians, civil society actors, NGOs, journalists, and academics.

We also develop and test on-the-ground initiatives to counter polarization and ‘othering’ of groups in our society, and build bridges across dividing lines. We work with large institutional partners such as civil society organizations, faith groups, environmental groups, employers and unions to test and scale the most effective initiatives, aiming to reach large numbers of people and achieve systemic impact.


Where we work

More in Common has offices in four major democracies, and our country teams bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the understanding of specific national contexts. However, More in Common is also global in nature. We carry out research across countries and share insights and best practice on countering division. We know that some of the biggest challenges we face need to be addressed at local, national, and global level.

Our office

320 Angel,
320 City Road,


More in Common is registered as a Company Limited by Guarantee with a non-profit objective in the United Kingdom (Registration no 10900540)