The research team at More in Common hold conversations with people from across the UK, and carry out rigorous polling to fully analyse public opinion. Using a social psychology lens brings to the surface useful insights into the way people think and interact with others. Our experience has found that because the segmentation is based on psychology and core beliefs, which do not change much from one year to the next, the segmentation is likely to remain relevant for years to come

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Democratic Repair

What Britons expect from their democracy

The past decade has been a time of turbulence and upheaval in British politics. ‘Democratic Repair: What Britons expect from their democracy’ is a deep dive, based on polling and focus groups from across the country, into the public’s perceptions  of our political system. It finds that while people the UK still have faith in democratic principles, they are disillusioned by the failures of politics and politicians to work for them in practice.


Dousing the Flames

How leaders can better navigate cultural change in 2020s Britain

In the latest report from More in Common UK, we explore what people in Britain really think about the high-profile cultural debates, from footballers taking the knee, to replacing colonial-era statues. The report, based on focus group conversations with people from across Britain, as well as extensive polling and research, offers a roadmap for navigating cultural change successfully in the UK.


Britain’s Choice

Common Ground and Division in 2020s Britain

Britain’s Choice is the result of an 18-months engagement with more than 10,000 people through surveys, conversations and interviews, to examine the hopes and fears, values and core beliefs of people in Britain.


The New Normal?

A 7-country comparative study on the impacts of COVID-19

A new 7-country report drawing from a survey of 14,000 people on the impacts of COVID-19 on trust, social cohesion, democracy and expectations for an uncertain future in France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, the United Kingdom and the United States.


Attitudes toward Democracy

Itʼs Complicated. People and Their Democracy in Germany, France, Britain, Poland and the United States

This in-depth study explores how citizens in five countries feel about democracy, their frustrations, and their demands, with a particular focus on those with an ambivalent relationship with democracy.

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