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21 April 2024

UK voters frustrated with politicians' 'desperate' culture war tactics, survey finds 

Voters have been left frustrated with “desperate” culture war tactics deployed by politicians and are prepared to punish those who use them at the ballot box, a survey has found. Electoral strategies based on culturally charged and divisive issues repulse swing and undecided voters, who see politicians as “playing to the crowd” or “jumping on the bandwagon”, according to research from More in Common commissioned by 38 Degrees.

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Huffington Post

20 April 2024

Why Rishi Sunak's Electoral Mountain Has Become An Impossible Climb

Any Tories seeking even a glimmer of hope will be horrified by the latest polling by the More in Common think-tank, which demonstrates beyond a shadow of a doubt that the party is heading for catastrophe whenever the election takes place.


The Independent

20 April 2024

Blackpool South voters turn on 'Richy' Rishi Sunak ahead of crunch by-election

Mr Tryl, UK director at More In Common, said if there was one word to describe how the focus group viewed politics it was “cynical”. The pollster told The Independent: “They felt that politicians had neglected Blackpool and that they were only in public life for themselves.

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19 April 2024

It's not the sleaze that will finish off the Tories - it's incompetence - Paul Waugh Column 

A new poll by the More in Common think-tank this week listed the attributes most associated with Sunak. For most, he was “out of touch”. But the second most common complaint was that he was “incompetent”.


Times Radio

18 April 2024

Tory polling in free fall as ratings spiral

Bombshell polling from IPSOS shows the Conservatives going below the 20 point mark, UK director of More in Common Luke Tryl explains.

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Huffington Post

17 April 2024

Smoking Ban Opposition Shows Just How Out of Touch Tory Leadership Hopefuls Really Are

A poll by the More in Common think-tank last year showed that 64% of voters back Sunak’s plan to prevent anyone born after 2008 from being able to buy tobacco products.
Even more significantly, the policy is especially popular with those who voted Tory in 2019, with 71% of them in favour of it.