What we do

More in Common seeks to understand polarisation and to work on initiatives to tackle division in our society. The innovative and extensive research we have carried out in the UK forms the basis of our efforts to tackle division.


Our research offers a deep dive into the psyche of the British people. It explains why we see diverging viewpoints and beliefs, but also highlights the many areas where there’s agreement and unity.

Using this analysis we design impactful projects and initiatives to address key issues.

Through our partnerships we hope to support, engage, challenge, and inspire the broader field of efforts to strengthen democratic societies against the threats of polarization and division.

In the UK we design research and initiatives with a focus on six key areas, Democracy, Inequality, Climate, Local Community, Migration, Media. These are either issues that have the potential to be divisive, or areas where we find common ground that we can build upon.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about what we do.