Polling services

More in Common are members of the British Polling Council, and regularly conduct nationally representative UK opinion polling, for a range of clients. We offer a wraparound service, from inception to data analysis, at a highly competitive price point.

Our expertise

More in Common was founded in 2016 to tackle polarisation and division across Western societies, and has teams in the UK, US, Germany, France and Poland. We have a particular focus on reaching disengaged communities far from the Westminster/London bubble and navigating sensitive or divisive issues. Public opinion research has always been a large part of our work, and from 2023 we have established our own polling function - to fuel our own work and provide cost-effective polling to partner organisations.

In 2023 our polling has been featured in The Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian, Financial Times, Huffington Post, The Independent, Daily Mail,  New Statesman and the BBC. We are one of the few organisations in the UK that regularly produce voting intention polling.

More in Common are accredited members of the British Polling Council and abide by their rules. Full details of our previously published polling can be found on our Polling Tables page.

Our research offer

We conduct nationally representative polling and focus group research, to better understand audiences and identify key issues and problems of our clients.  ​

Nationally representative polling: More in Common is an accredited member of the British Polling Council and we regularly conduct nationally representative opinion polls in the UK. To prospective clients and partners we offer:

  • 10-day turnaround from inception to final results
  • Wraparound service, from question wording, to initial data analysis provided by our teams
  • Use of our British Seven segment lens
  • Full data tables on publication, in accordance with British Polling Council rules
  • Competitive rates

Bespoke polling: More in Common has experience in conducting bespoke polls, such as our work with Homes for Ukraine hosts and Afghan refugees, or doing surveys within large organisations.

Focus Groups: More in Common has conducted hundreds of focus groups over the last few years, for a range of clients from the media, politics, civil society, national institutions and business. There are many advantages to focus groups:

  • Rapid-response qualitative research, quicker than polling
  • Adds deeper layer to, and can inform, survey design for quantitative research
  • Powerful to hear views on an issue in people's own words

We typically draw participants from a single area (e.g. specific constituency), from desired demographic groups. We find online groups work best, for ease of organisation and the most organic conversation. We also run in-person groups, particularly for media (such as BBC Newsnight or TalkTV).


Our unique lens

More in Common often incorporates our British Seven segments, first formulated in 2020, into our polling. The segments have been constructed using cluster analysis based on social psychology frames such as moral foundations theory. They provide a way to understand ‘upstream’ not only what people think about specific issues, but how their values and beliefs drive their opinions.

We consistently find that these segments are more predictive of views than other demographic metrics metric, and allow for a deeper understanding of public attitudes and how to work with or shift people’s views. Using this lens helps to highlight the gap between highly engaged activists, campaigners, business leaders and the rest of the public. By breaking the population into these segments, we make sure that more “left-behind” groups are not overlooked or drowned out by louder voices. We are also able to help our partners to identify whether particular policies, campaigns or communication strategies will be well or poorly received by different groups.

Application of this British Seven segment lens is available to prospective clients upon request.

If you’d like to conduct polling with us or have questions about our research offer, please contact our UK Head of Polling Tyron Surmon at: tyron@moreincommon.com