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18 April 2024

Tory polling in free fall as ratings spiral

Bombshell polling from IPSOS shows the Conservatives going below the 20 point mark, UK director of More in Common Luke Tryl explains.

Huff Post

Huffington Post

17 April 2024

Smoking Ban Opposition Shows Just How Out of Touch Tory Leadership Hopefuls Really Are

A poll by the More in Common think-tank last year showed that 64% of voters back Sunak’s plan to prevent anyone born after 2008 from being able to buy tobacco products.
Even more significantly, the policy is especially popular with those who voted Tory in 2019, with 71% of them in favour of it.

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The Rest is Entertainment Podcast

17 April 2024

The Rest is Entertainment

Richard Osman and Marina Hyde discuss the voting intention of various TV programmes' viewership based on More in Common polling.


BBC Radio 4 Today Programme

16 April 2024

BBC Radio 4 Today Programme

UK Director Luke Tryl speaks on BBC Radio 4 Today Programme about public support for a proposed smoking ban.

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The Mirror

12 April 2024

Two thirds of voters say Rishi Sunak's private jet habit is bad use of taxpayers' money

The research by More in Common found some 66% of people intending to vote Conservative think it is “rarely” or “never” appropriate for politicians to travel domestically by plane.

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Daily Mail

8 April 2024

Angela Rayner must come clean over the advice she received on her house sale, voters say in new poll

Luke Tryl, of survey organisers More in Common, said: 'Our focus groups consistently find that Angela Rayner is one of few politicians who the public thinks speaks for people like them. 

'But her popularity is rooted in the fact that people think she's authentic and tells it like it is. By refusing to release her tax advice she risks unnecessarily undermining her reputation for straight talking and appearing just like other politicians who say one thing and do another.'