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FT Political Fix

3 April 2024

Tory 'red wall' seats under threat

Lucy Fisher talks to Luke Tryl, director of the think-tank and consultancy More in Common, and the FT’s Stephen Bush and Jim Pickard


The Independent

1 April 2024

Sunak should end 'war on motorists' rhetoric and deliver better public transport, say think tank

Public transport to work is seen as more crucial than having a phone (46 per cent) and access to the internet (43 per cent), the polling conducted by More in Common and commissioned by the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) reveals.

Financial Times

Financial Times

28 March 2024

We can end the culture wars

In a new joint study by More in Common, University College London and Oxford university, two in three Britons agree that ethnic minorities and women experience discrimination in the workplace sometimes or often. Britons were “five times more likely to say that equality, diversity and inclusion is a good, rather than a bad, thing”.




27 March 2024

Luke Tryl: What the latest polling tells us about how Sunak can defend the Blue Wall

Earlier this month, More in Common polled a group of 39 seats in the so-called Blue Wall: areas of the country that have traditionally voted Conservative but have shifted against the party in recent elections.

Politicshome (1)

Politics Home

26 March 2024

Nearly Half Of 2019 Tory Voters Say The Party Doesn't Deserve To Win The Next Election

"The fact that only a third of those who voted Tory in 2019, and only 18 per cent of voters as a whole, even fewer than currently plan to vote Tory, think the Conservative’s should be elected will only add to the Tory gloom," More in Common's UK Director Luke Tryl told PoliticsHome.

The I

the i

23 March 2024

Ignoring Waspi women could cost Labour at the election, pollsters warnthe i

Luke Tryl, the UK director of the More in Common, said its recent polling suggested Waspi women could have a crucial influence on the general election result.

“If you look at the key voter block of 2019 Conservatives who are currently undecided – it is disproportionately older women. It’s 60 to 70 per cent female, with an average age in the sixties.

“So Waspi women are a key part of the voter bloc that has this outsized influence on the election. The scale of how big Labour’s victory might be – from a hung parliament to large majority – depends to some degree on these undecided voters.”