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At More in Common we're keen to share how our research can offer important insights into what people in Britain feel about current events. The team at More in Common UK publish regular blog posts and take part in events, to share these insights with a wider audience. You can also follow our UK Director Luke Tryl on Twitter for up-to-date reactions to the day's events.

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The impact of Covid-19 on British society

6th December 2021

New polling from More in Common explores the continuing impact of Covid-19 on British society, public perceptions of vaccinated and unvaccinated people, and where Britons' priorities are as they look beyond the pandemic. 

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The public want democracy to work better

22nd November 2021

by Luke Tryl 

Most people do not spend lives thinking about democracy, they just want to see the government delivering for them. That means moving levelling up from rhetoric to reality, a laser focus on tackling Covid backlogs and a clear road map for a fair transition to net zero.

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Autumn budget 2021: Voters remain sceptical despite liking Rishi Sunak’s speech

28th October 2021

by Luke Tryl 

"Great ... if it all actually happens.” That was the double-edged verdict of voters in the South Yorkshire constituency of Rother Valley who watched the Chancellor’s budget speech yesterday.

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Invest in renewables to tackle rising energy prices

October 2021

by Conleth Burns 

My community’s broad support for renewables, even in our backyards, is indicative of what More in Common finds in communities across the UK. Last week, we commissioned polling asking Britons how the government should tackle rising energy prices. The resounding answer: invest in renewables – something supported by 4 in 5 Britons.  

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Starve the oxygen of hate MPs have to fend off

By Luke Tryl

More in Common was established in the wake of Jo’s murder. There’s a strong evidence base from our recent work that there truly is far more in common than divides us, as Jo said and as the tributes to Sir David attest. Yet the act of one hate-filled individual can undo so much.

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A Democracy in Need of Repair

October 2021

by Luke Tryl

The party conference season is over, the speeches, the slogans and (mercifully) the soggy sandwiches are all too quickly forgotten. What lingers on, however, is a pronounced level of public distrust as to whether politicians will really deliver on any of the promises made.


The right would be wrong to wage a war on woke

July 2021

by Luke Tryl

Wokeism is set to become the biggest dividing line in British politics, a report claimed last week . If that’s the case, it follows that to shore up the red wall, the Government would be wise to proceed full stream ahead with culture war politics...


Who’s on the Honours list?

June 2021

by Luke Tryl

Whether it was the brother and sister team who delivered 200,000 meals to frontline workers, the distillery manager who switched from producing whisky to hand sanitiser or the taxi firm owner offering free rides to NHS staff, last weekend’s honours list showed that along with the horror and the heartache of the pandemic, the past year has also seen some of the best of Britain...

LSE Event

Social Solidarity and Covid

March 2021

How have public attitudes and political culture shifted during the pandemic? More in Common co-founder Tim Dixon joins Professor Kate Pickett, with chair Dr Robin Archer, to discuss the impact of the coronavirus in the UK, and how to build back better in a post-covid world.

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Us-versus-them, or a bigger 'us'?

March 2021

by Tim Dixon

One in two people in Britain say that the country is more divided than at any point in their lifetime. Like other societies, strong forces are driving us apart – from the ‘filter bubbles’ of social media that isolate us from people with different beliefs, to the powerful forces of economic, cultural and generational change.