April 2024 Focus groups

April 2024 focus groups

Metro mayoral races focus groups:

GROUP 1: Greater Manchester (All from Bury North or Bury South)
GROUP 2: North East (All from Tynemouth or Cramlington)
GROUP 3: West Midlands (All from Solihull)
GROUP 4: East Midlands (All from Mansfield)

Recruitment criteria

All participants voted Conservative at the 2019 General Election and are now either undecided, sticking with the Conservatives or voting Labour. There was a mix of age, gender, socio-economic background and ethnicity in each of the groups. 

Topics discussed

  • Perceptions of the parties
  • Most important local issues
  • Perceptions of the mayoral candidates
  • Climate policies that the mayors could implement


Focus groups: Calder Valley

Date: 11th April 2024 

Recruitment Criteria

  • All voted for the Conservative Party in the 2019 General Election
  • Half are intending to vote Labour, half are undecided
  • Mix of age, gender and socio-economic grade

Discussion topics

  • Big issues affecting the country
  • Views on recent political ads
  • Perceptions of party leaders