More in Common UK provides bespoke strategy and communications consultancy to a range of clients and partners across the UK – from major national institutions to smaller issue-specific charities – we specialise in helping organisations navigate complex and polarising moments of change, better achieve their mission and strengthen social cohesion in the process. 


What makes More in Common's consultancy unique?  

There are four things that make More in Common’s consultancy offer unique:   

  • Our research isn’t just about telling you what people think, but also explores the drivers that explain why people think it. Understanding these ‘upstream’ beliefs and values, allows us to help clients craft strategies that reach across different segments of the public.


  • We approach each piece of work with a fresh perspective and design bespoke projects for each of our clients and partners.  


  • We specialise in understanding left-behind groups and communities outside of the Westminster and London bubbles.   


  • We apply the lessons our colleagues are learning in Germany, France, the US, Spain and Poland to our work and our clients projects in the UK. 


There are four main types of work we offer to clients:   


  • Original public opinion research – We conduct original public opinion research including nationally representative polling, focus groups and in-depth interviews, through the lens of the British Seven segments, to better understand audiences and identify key issues and problems of our clients.   


  • Strategic communications advice – We've shaped the strategic communications strategies of a series of organisations from philanthropic funders to national institutions to campaigning charities. We blend our ongoing public opinion insights and message testing with our team’s broad strategic communications experience to help clients engage beyond the usual suspects, and find the best ways to have good conversations with more sceptical audiences.    


  • Campaign development – We work with a range of charities, civil society campaigners and national institutions to build communications and broader campaigns from the ground up – offering audience insights, creative support and strategic advice on how to set up and run successful campaigns.    


  • Trainings and workshops – We deliver bespoke training programmes to senior leaders in government departments, business and across civil society to help them think more about diversity of thought within their organisations and the gaps between the senior leadership of organisations and the public.    


In recent months, our clients have included: the Equality and Human Rights Commission, the BBC, The Friends of the Earth, The Campaign for Better Transport, the Department for Education and others.   


If you’d like to explore working with us or commissioning us to do a piece of work, please contact our UK Director, Luke Tryl, on: