Party Conference Events 2024

More in Common's Political Party Conference Season Partnership Offer

Our events over the last two years, More in Common's political party conference events have been among some of the best attended at conference - leading to packed-out conference rooms, extensive media coverage and important debates being amplified during the party political conference season. Our panels have been made up of senior MPs, ministers, journalists, leaders of major national institutions, political strategists, campaigners and many others. 

More in Common is a non-partisan organisation and hosts a full programme of party conference events at both the Labour and Conservative Party Conferences each year from Sunday afternoon to Tuesday Evening.   

More in Common provides an end-to-end service on party conference events, including: 

  • The opportunity for sponsors’ branding to be showcased on all event pre-publicity, write-ups and at the event. 
  • A platform for senior team members on panels or within discussions
  • Publicity in the official conference guide and extra flyering 
  • Event planning including speakers, catering and venue hire
  • Speaker briefings and preparation including panellist and chair notes 

As a full service research agency, More in Common can also provide commissioned polling and focus group insights for your specific events. Polling and focus groups insights have been used as the basis of many of our events with partners in recent years. 

More in Common facilitates events both inside and outside the secure zone at both party conferences.

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Event formats

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Potential event themes for 2024

More in Common’s insights and expertise span across the breadth of public policy and politics. We will design interesting debates and discussions with our partners. What will bring together all of More in Common’s events is bringing a public opinion lens to the debate. 

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If you are interested in partnering with us for a a party conference event, please contact: Conleth Burns, Senior Associate.