Initiatives and Partnerships

We work with a range of partners and organisations in civil society, Government and business to help them engage Britons from across the country – and particularly to hear from those who are all too often marginalised from decision making.  

Working with those partners across a range of areas – from climate to inequality to corporate social responsibility – we help them to better understand where the public are at, and how to bring the broadest coalitions with them, helping them to ensure their campaigns, strategies and services are also making our society more resilient to the forces that divide us. 


Great Get Together

More in Common worked closely with the Jo Cox Foundation to create the Great Get Together in the United Kingdom in 2017. The annual celebration helps unite people, bridge divides, and tackle loneliness, while showing the collective power we have as a community.  Each year it brings together thousands of communities across the UK. These unifying moments provide a powerful counter to stories of how the UK has become an increasingly divided and disconnected society.

Copy Of COP Live

COP Live

More in Common held focus group discussions with the British Seven segments for our partners in the climate sector during the COP26 negotiations in Glasgow. These groups were live streamed for our partners and a series of briefings were developed to support civil society during the negotiations. 

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Insights and training for government departments

More and Common provides training and insights to a range of government departments on how they can better understand, and reach, less engaged and harder-to-reach members of the British public


Everyday Levelling Up

More in Common has convened focus groups with dozens of Britons across the North and Midlands of England, and polled more than 4,000 Britons, to understand better the public’s expectations for the levelling up agenda – and what’s at stake for our democracy in the roll-out of this agenda. Since August 2021, we have been sharing these insights with partners in government and civil society as the agenda is defined. 

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Culture Wars toolkit

Following the launch of our culture wars report ‘Dousing the Flames’, More in Common has worked with leaders in civil society and the public sector to apply our learnings on how to better navigate culture change and avoid culture wars taking hold in the UK. 

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How fair is Britain?

In partnership with Kantar Public, More in Common is tracking Britons changing perceptions of fairness and inequality through Kantar’s Britain Barometer polling – and exploring what these changing perceptions may mean for key societal and political priorities from net zero to levelling up.