Initiatives and Partnerships

We work with a range of partners and organisations in civil society, Government and business to help them engage Britons from across the country – and particularly to hear from those who are all too often marginalised from decision making.  

Working with those partners across a range of areas – from climate to inequality to corporate social responsibility – we help them to better understand where the public are at, and how to bring the broadest coalitions with them, helping them to ensure their campaigns, strategies and services are also making our society more resilient to the forces that divide us. 


Britain Talks Climate

Our Britain’s Choice report identified the environment as a concern that unites us, and as we look ahead to a post pandemic recovery in the UK, we are seeking to build upon that common ground. We partnered with Climate Outreach, leading experts in climate change communications, to create Britain Talks Climate, an evidence-based toolkit designed to support any organization that wants to engage the British public on climate change. It offers a shared, strategic understanding of the British public, based on the social psychology lens we applied to our research. Britain Talks Climate explores how to build narratives that resonate across a diverse range of values and everyday concerns in a way that is critical for the long-term goal of deepening public engagement in climate action.


Extra Ordinary Glimpse

In partnership with the creative collective Glimpse More in Common are developing an innovative project - a celebration of the dignity of the (extra)ordinary everyday lives of people in the UK. We found from our research that a number of people in the UK shared the sentiment of being looked down upon, of being disrespected in our society. When asked if they often felt like a second-class citizen in the UK, 52% of people asked agreed with the statement. Tales of Ordinary people explores the stories that are at the heart of re-establishing a connection with a sense of community. The project aims to encourage feelings of respect and dignity between people, fostering a sense of connection, and building resilience to the forces of polarisation and division in the UK.


The Endless Sea

The Endless Sea is a new narrative project that aims to provide change-makers, thinkers and practitioners with elements of a blueprint for a new inclusive story of a better tomorrow. We have identified the ‘hope gap’ as the space between the desire for change and their belief that the current system can deliver for them. When hope is scarce, divisions can thrive and conflict can become entrenched. A powerful tool in breaking cycles of conflict is to shift people’s gaze from the struggles of today towards the possibility of change tomorrow. The Endless Sea explores the hopes, ideas and visions that might help shape positive narratives of tomorrow. The goal is to support change-makers, thinkers and practitioners, to turn people’s attention toward the future world that we will all share, and in so doing hopefully transcend the divisions of today.


Together Coalition

More in Common supports the work of the Together Coalition in their efforts to increase social connections across lines of division. The recent ‘Thank You Day’ offered an opportunity for people to express gratitude towards others, especially key workers during the recent pandemic, in a way that brought neighbours together. More in Common is also advising on the latest campaign to unite around the environment, ahead of COP26. Our own research found the climate to be an issue of common ground, and this latest campaign builds upon that with a view to uniting people around action to improve our world.