Press Releases

Democratic Repair

11 Oct 2021

New report finds widespread support for British democracy, but majority think political elite make up rules and don’t care about public.   

Extensive research by More in Common finds 2 out of 3 people now think our democracy is rigged to only serve the political class. 

While Britons overwhelmingly support the principles of democracy, many feel frustrated by a system that isn’t working for them and let down by a politics which falls short of their expectations.

Dousing the Flames

27 July 2021

New research finds Britons feel politicians and campaign groups are seeking to inflame rather than resolve cultural conflicts

Public feel shut out of the debate on societal change, with fear of asking ‘silly questions’ and culture of taking offence breeding resentment

The ‘British way of handling change’ is under threat. The public want fewer soundbites and more moderation and balance.